Marine Engineering Courses in India

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Marine engineering can be highly lucrative career for those who are built for a highly challenging and rewarding job. It is a branch of study that deals with the design, development, production, and maintenance of the equipments used at sea and on board sea vessels like ships, boats, oil rigs etc. It is quite a vast field and it also has many similar fields like naval architecture and nautical science.

Ships these days use the most modern technology and equipment that can be understood, maintained and handled only by marine engineers. This job requires a high degree of discipline and responsibility as it cost millions of dollars. Marine Engineers manage the enormous power of the ship and all its complicated machinery and help it cross the ocean. They may have to work on cargo ships, container ships or oil and gas tankers. They spend months together at the sea.

The demand for marine engineers in public and private shipping companies has risen sharply, with the increase in international global sea traffic. The construction, operations and maintenance of the engine room are the main obligations of a marine engineer. This means that they deal with the technical area of the ship.

Basic Eligibility

Candidates who are seeking admission in bachelor degree in Marine Engineering candidates must possess a higher secondary school certificate examination in Physics, English, Maths and Chemistry. For IITs it is mandatory to qualify in Joint Entrance Examination (J.E.E) and the duration of the course is up to 4 years.

For Master Degree course in Marine engineering students must possess bachelor degree in (B.E/B.Tech) or any other equivalent degree of engineering. The course duration is of 2 years.


Eligibility for Diploma Courses: -

To pursue a diploma course in Marine engineering, candidates must possess a 10+2 pass certificate in science stream from a recognized board.

List of Courses: -
  • Diploma in Marine Engineering
  • Bachelor of Technology in Marine Engineering
  • Bachelor of Technology in Naval architecture & Ocean Engineering
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Marine Engineering
  • Master of Engineering in Marine Engineering
  • Master of Technology in Marine Engineering
  • Master of Technology in Air Armament
  • Master of Technology in Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture

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List of best Marine Engineering Colleges in India
  • A.V.Ramdas & Co. (Ms)
  • AMET University

  • Chennai School of Ship Management
  • CMC Maritime Academy

  • Cochin University of Science & Technology
  • Coimbatore Marine College

  • CV Raman College of Engineering

  • GKM College of Engineering & Technology
  • HIMT College

  • Hindustan Institute of Maritime Training
  • Hindustan Institute of Technology & Science

  • Immanuel Arasar JJ College of Engineering

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