Diplomacy Courses in India

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Degree in Diplomacy course is neither a totally academic nor a fully vocational one. MA DLB is a completely balanced course that strikes a balance between theoretical research or ‘professional’ course work and internships. The structure of MA DLB and course curriculum are designed very effectively in a way to breaks down the artificial barriers between Law, International Relations and Business Studies.

The main objective of the MA DLB course is to improve the learned awareness and logical depth in the Indian context about academically deserted areas such as Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean. This course will train candidates to become experts of the politics, economics and legal systems of the entire world. The MA DLB course will bring students and professors jointly to work on publishable drafts of relative research.

Curriculum and Pedagogy

This course is of 4 semesters each semester is of 6 months. Candidates of this course need to take 4 compulsory courses covering the fields of international relations, international economics, international law, and research methods. When student comes into the final semester then students have the option of completing a thesis or dissertation. Foreign Language training is a necessary requirement, and all the classes related to language are offered through the duration of the course. Candidates have to choose one from the Mandarin Chinese, French, Spanish and Arabic.

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Core Courses

  • Social Science Research Methods
  • International Relations: Theory and Praxis
  • International Law and Organisations
  • International Economics

Sample Listing of Elective Courses

  • International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law
  • Global Business Strategies
  • International Security Studies
  • Europe and the World
  • Global Ethics
  • Global Governance
  • International Trade Law and Policy
  • International Transitional Justice
  • International Relations of East Asia
  • International Economic Development
  • Negotiating & Resolving International Conflicts
  • Laws of International Economics
  • Environmental Economics and Climate Change
  • Organizational Change
  • Gender and Human Rights: International Perspectives
  • Leadership
  • Legal and Ethical Aspects of Global Business
  • Indian Foreign Policy
  • Making of the Contemporary world: Global History Since 1945
  • International Political Economy

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