Chemical Engineering Courses in India

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This is the very famous branch of engineering. This course teaches the candidates that how to design, construct and maintain the chemical plant those make useful products from chemical reaction. In this course math, economics and physics are used to face any technical problems. The only difference between this course and other type of engineering courses is that these courses provide total knowledge of chemistry. Chemical engineers are also called ‘universal engineers’ because chemical engineers is very popular to all fields. The aim of this course is to give the theoretical and practical knowledge of chemistry to the candidates. After doing this course the candidates can apply their knowledge in the related field and can use both their fresh knowledge and existing technology to solve the related problem or to invent something new in field of chemical engineering.

A person who employed in this field is called chemical engineer. They can invent the new possible way to manufacture the product. They can also find the new idea to design plant to increase the productivity and to decrease the cost. Chemical engineers can also join in areas like data processing, market analysis, sales and management, environmental studies.


B. Tech: The candidates apply for this course after passing 10+2 with physics, chemistry and math. The admission in this course is made through any entrance examination.

M. Tech:To take admission in M. Tech course candidate have to complete their B. Tech from any recognized university or college with good marks.

Admission Procedure:

Most colleges take admission on the basis of state level competitive exam. Some autonomous colleges take own entrance test separately. And many other colleges take admission directly based on the marks of candidate.

Career Prospects:

After doing this course candidate can join as a fresher in industry include food, materials, specialty chemicals, plastics, power production, waste management, environmental control and biotechnology etc. The work of chemical engineers extends to the many other fields like processes in nuclear energy, material science, food production the development of new source of energy etc.

Course Duration:

4 Years

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