Agricultural Engineering

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Agricultural Engineering is sometimes known as Biological engineering. Agriculture in simple words, deals with study of plant breeding that is consumed by human beings. The study of agricultural engineering comprises of animal biology, plant biology, mechanical, civil, electrical, and chemical engineering with the knowledge of agricultural principles. The course mainly aims in the development and creation of tools and equipments that are required for the development of farming techniques. Also the course can be said as the application of engineering technologies for the improvement of agricultural industry. This course is based on Crop Production Technology, Fundamentals of Soil Science, Agricultural Marketing, Transfer of Technology, Agri-Business Management, Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics, Surveying, Leveling, Soil Mechanics, Strength of Materials, Hydrology and Soil Conservation, Ground Water Hydrology, Ground Water Drainage, Surface & Pressure Irrigation Systems etc.


B. Tech: B.Tech in agricultural engineering can be pursued after the successful completion of higher secondary education in maths science or equivalent from any reputed institutions.

M. Tech:Candidates can apply for M Tech after completing their B tech with any recognized university or college. Some college takes entrance exam for admission in M tech and some do this on the basis of marks obtained.

Admission Procedure:

Every college have their different admission criteria few colleges admit candidates on the basis of their marks scored in previous class and in some colleges candidates need to appear entrance examination.

Career Prospects:

Agriculture is one of the top career choices made by students in India. With the commercialization of horticulture and agriculture there are wide-ranging opportunities for paid jobs as well as private enterprise. State Department of Agriculture employs agricultural engineers as agricultural officers for the improvement of agriculture in a district. There are also private firms investing money in medicinal crops and plantation crops who normally hire agricultural engineers. They can work as supervisors, distributors and engineer; or they can also start his/her own business.

Course Duration:

4 Years

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