Joint Japan/World Bank Scholarship 2018-2019


What is Joint Japan/World Bank Scholarship?

The Joint Japan/World Bank Scholarship Program (JJ/WBGSP) was started in the year 1987, with the motive to give the strength to the human resource for the purpose of developing the country.

How to Apply for JJ/WBGSP?

Applicants can apply online from the website given below.

Note: fill the form in English.

Who can apply for JJ/WBGSP?

  1. All the developing countries citizens
  2. The one who is the member of World Bank developing country
  3. The person who does not hold the dual citizenship of a developed country
  4. Should be healthy
  5. Should have a Bachelor (or equivalent) degree at least 3 years past to the application deadline date
  6. Should have 3 or more years of experience in the development domain
  7. Have to accept unconditional enroll in the upcoming academic year at least in one of the JJWBGSP Preferred or Partner masters degree Programs
  8. Should not be an Executive Director or staff of any types of appointments of the World Bank Group nor a close relative of the applicant.

*Please note: If all the eligibility criteria match then only apply for the same.

What are the Benefits of JJ/WBGSP?

The JJ/WBGSP scholarship provides the following benefits:

  • The scholars will receive an Economy class air travel between the home country and university country at the starting time of course and also will get air ticket for going back Home County at the completion of scholarship.
  • Tuition fee for the graduate program and the cost of basic medical insurance will be taken care by the university.
  • Once in a month the subsistence allowance covering living expenses that including books also is provided. (The amount varies country to country)

Please note: The JJ/WBGSP scholarships cover the duration of two years.

The JJ/WBGSP scholarship does not provide:

  • They do not give VISA application(s) costs
  • They do not bear expenses of applicants family members
  • They do not invest in Extra-curricular courses or training
  • Language training is being not provided with the graduate program
  • Additional traveling cost during the scholarship is not given
  • Research, supplementary educational materials, field trips, participation in workshops/seminars, or internships all these expenses are not given by JJ/WBGSP
  • Educational equipment such as computers is not provided (carry on your own).

Note: If the selected candidate has any other scholarship, should inform JJ/WBGSP. The JJ/WBGSP can withdraw the scholarship completely or partially if during the scholarship period the JJ/WBGSP has any evidence of additional sources of support.

What is the selection Procedure of JJ/WBGSP?

The JJ/WBGSP reviews all the eligible candidates’ application and scores them out of 10, for the following criteria:

  • Professional Experience
  • Professional Recommendations
  • Commitment to towards Home Country
  • Education Background

Important Notes:

Last date for applying: 12 April 2018

The announcement of nomination: End of April 2018

The announcement of the final result: mid-July 2018 (expected)


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