What is Difference between Psychologist or Psychiatry

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After passing class 12, students are always in dilemma to choose the right career for them. This is the crucial and most important decision for their life. But their marks in class 12 affect their decision. Sometimes inadequate knowledge decides their future and their decision of impacts their career. But above all, hard work has always been the key to get success.

The subject selection should always be done considering your subject of interest. We are here to guide you and help you in selecting the subject that interests you and also that gives you a good career.

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Now-a-days a lot of new career are emerging, so you need not to be disheartened as these career have also a good future provided you go for it. The person who has got less marks in 12th also need not to worry, as there are also courses which will help you in ,making of your career even with your bad grades.

Sometimes due to mere peer pressure and parent’s wish you might take a decision that is not suitable for you and you cannot show your full talent. So, here are some courses which you can opt after class 12, to make your better career.

There are courses like B.Sc for science students, B.com for students from commerce background and B.A for students from arts background. Apart from this, there are professional course such as B.tech, M.B.B.S, and many more. Here is a list of courses that you can opt after 12th.

If a general man looking for difference in these two word Psychologist and Psychiatrist they even found no difference or in their view both are same. Apart from thinking of general man if you think scientifically there is very big difference.


If someone study about behavior of the person and their mental process is called Psychologist which have good knowledge of subject psychology. Today's world every people suffer with some mental problem and undergo depression. At this time Psychologist is there to solve the problem

Role of Psychologist:

It is one type of profession in which a person understands the behavior of human being to solve their problem. They try to unveil their daily life problem, family problem, business problem. Professionally as they study about man's behavior they have abundant knowledge about human psychology .

Work of psychologist

  • They do lots of laboratory experiment regarding human behavior
  • Interacting with people and try to understand their mental position
  • Carry intelligence test
  • Ask question related with their past and present life
  • Try to find sufferer's actual problem which is hidden
  • Do survey to get clear path and try to minimize psychological problem of daily life.

Field of specialization

  • Human criminal psychology
  • Clinical psychology
  • Forensic psychology
  • Business psychology
  • Political psychology
  • Sports psychology

Eligibility for Psychologist course

Candidate who passed class 10 + 2 or HSc in any stream apply for UG course like B.A (Hons.) in psychology


Psychiatry is a study of human mental disorder like depression, anxiety, mood change, insomnia,

Hallucination, some cognitive changes in brain. All this disorder is solve by the proper medication


Psychiatrist is a person who is related with medical profession and takes active participation to solve mental problem by give proper and right medication. A Psychiatrist is qualified doctor with licensed and specialized in psychiatry. They use different terminology like psychotherapy and prescribe medicine.

Work of Psychiatrist

  • Give complete medical treatment
  • Take image of brain for studying the effected region
  • Take help from different case study
  • Carryout medical shock session in tremendous case
  • Done mental status examination plus case study

Specialization: It includes

  • Child Psychiatry
  • Adolescent Psychiatry
  • Adult Psychiatry
  • Forensic Psychiatry
  • Crass cultural Psychiatry
  • Addiction Psychiatry
  • Neuropsychiatry
  • Emergency Psychiatry
  • Consultation-liaison Psychiatry


After completion of your 10 + 2 only with science in PCB (Physics Chemistry, Biology) you need to pursue MBBS and then for specialization in Psychiatry. After that you may go forward with super-specialization in other area of Psychiatry.

Comparison between Psychology Psychiatry

Study of human psychology

Study of all mental disorder take place in brain

undergraduate course with BA in Psychology

You need not to do plane graduation, must have MBBs degree and after that you can go for specialization

Only HS passed candidate with all stream are eligible

Must passed 10 +2 with PCB group

Duration of study of is less

Duration of study of more

Psychologist cannot prescribe any medicine

Prescribe medicine for the treatment

Area of specialization narrow

Area of specialization is broad

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