What is Difference Between MBA and PGDM

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Many people are in a dilemma when it comes to differentiate between MBA and PGDM. This question is raised very often in different forums and question answer websites that what is the difference between these two courses. As recently the management education has become the prime topic of discussion as many people are looking forward to build their career with this program. The question is quite simple which one is better? Should I go with MBA or PGDM course? Which has more scope? So here, you have the answers to all you question

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PGDM or Post Graduate Diploma in Management itself have the confusion when you find the term Diploma. Is it Diploma course or Degree? The answer is Diploma then what is the reason behind the name PGDM. It is because when any institute is an autonomous body, which isn’t affiliated to any University and it conduct management course but doesn’t MBA degree. Institutes like IIMs, XLRI’s doesn’t provide MBA degrees they just provide PGP Diploma or PGDM.

When any institute is categorized under autonomous then they design their own prospectus instead of following the outdated syllabus given by University. They do so because they can easily update their curriculum depending on the industrial need. Therefore, you can say that PGDM courses are more to Industry as compared to MBA course.

Colleges that provide AICTE approved courses also provide PGDM instead of MBA. If PGDM is equivalent to MBA then course duration is 2 years, 1 year PGDM is not equal to the MBA course.


It is the two-year management degree for Master of Business Administration. It is the postgraduate degree that regulates both technical and management education.

What are the basic differences between the two -:

1) Universities offer MBA: Institutes that are affiliated to university offer MBA degree. Institutes like IIMs, XLRI’s though being the best cannot offer MBAs as they are autonomous. They can only offer PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management) degree.

2) Difference in syllabus: There are vast difference between syllabus MBA focuses more on academic aspects of management and is exam-oriented but PGDM is focused on skills and more towards industrial. It prepares you for marketing job.

3) Prospectus of PGDM is more flexible than MBA: As autonomous institute need no to depend on university standards they are free to change their prospectus as per the industrial need and change in the business standards. This course even provide the industry exposure. But for MBA it takes time to change the prospectus as it is university affiliated and follow only the university guidelines.

4) MBA is less expensive than PGDM: Though MBA is university affiliated still it is more affordable than the PGDM course.

5) Difference in focus: MBA help in developing the technical and business skill but PGDM prepare for senior level position in industry. So if you are looking for a career in challenging industrial area then go with PGDM.

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