CAT 2014 – Time Management Tips

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Answering 100 questions in 170 minutes is the biggest blow of CAT 2014. Managing time, separately from high levels of accurateness has become an important point of focus. How do CAT 2014 examination takers attempt such a long papers in such a short period of time?

There are two simple answers for the above question – Optimisation of Time and High Accuracy

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“Hundred questions in 170 minutes comes down to 1.7 minutes per question,“ says Ankur Agarwal from, an online testing portal. “Remember, there's no sectional time limit. You can shift between sections as per your wish. So the trick is to spend time wisely, identify speed breakers and try to avoid them,“ he adds.

So how can one recognize the speed-breakers?

Know your strong areas. If you are strong in solving maths question then attempt those questions first. Do not waste time in attempting those questions of any section where you are not confident and strong enough. Maintain a balance. Wisely use time in each section.

On other hand, reading comprehension also need some consider amount of time (many times re-reading too) and finding out information. So, how you can save time over here? “The art is to have a pre-planned strategy for quant and verbal sections. Strengths should be properly exploited for a balanced percentile. Hence, give more time to weakness and practice different approaches. That will lead to better use of extra time at the end for balancing sections,“ says Agarwal.

You can use shortcut methods like skimming and scanning for RCs or you can also use formulas and tricks in attempting Quant/DI section as it comes handy in saving time. Answering to the questions between section such as - LR, VA, QA and DI, you must balance time over here as it is also crucial that will help you in optimizing your time.

After all, a candidate has to know their own strengths and weakness to build up their own plan and maximize score. Making decision on how much time I should spend on each section will need a significant practice at the time of preparation. Go through number of mock test to know your level.

You must also have a plan B. Due to any cause, if your strongest section ends up with more tough lot of questions, some thinking will be needed for managing time. In such situation, the tip is not to spend more time on a single question. It is recommended that you must set time limit for every question, for example set 2 minutes of time for answering Quant section. If you are not able to come to the conclusion of the question, then you must move forward to another question, just simply don't waste time.

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